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From poet to singer to  storyteller, Susie Knight Entertainment in the Denver, Colorado area, offers an amazingly talented live entertainer able to take on different characters and personas. Performing as a professional since 1999, Susie Knight has spent years making audiences laugh, sigh, and cry with joy, and applaud with enthusiasm for her creative performances. 


Yer the real thing, Darlin'!
~Baxter Black, acclaimed Cowboy Poet (July 2011)

* * *
DYNO-MITE! Stunning! You are a great talent...
~Steve Conroy, 2014 Event Chair/Cochise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering (February 2014)

* * * * *
Susie is a wonderful entertainer!
~Juni Fisher, multi-award winning Western Music Assn. singer/songwriter (December 2013)

* * * * *

What a joy...and you shine when you work with classrooms! The kids just love you!
~Doris Daley, Multiple award-winning cowboy poetess (January 2011)

* * * * *

A fantastic performer. GREAT audience connection and a ball of fire!
~Liz Masterson, Multi-award-winning vocalist and Co-founder of the Western Music Assn. (January 2011)

* * *

You took Kennewick by storm! outstanding job as both performing artist and top hand!
~Smoke Wade, Co-coordinator/Columbia River Cowboy Gathering (April 2010)

* * *

Early Years

Susie made her stage debut at the tender age of three. Her parents were professional singers, and she spent her childhood taking voice, dance, and piano lessons. By the age of 13, she was writing her own songs and winning local talent contests. At age 15, her dream to own her own horse came true. From there, she learned Western riding and dressage, and competed in numerous horse shows and barrel racing competitions. During her teen years, Susie was involved in the pageantry circuit, toured Europe with the Talented Teens USA, and was crowned the 1979 Berwyn/Cicero Houby Queen.

Cowgirl Background

Susie began riding ponies at a Wisconsin Dude Ranch at age 3. It was there that she rode a horse for the first time at age 5. At age 15, she got her first horse. She owned several AQHA horses for the next 30 years. She participated mainly in showing horses in Western Pleasure and Horsemanship, but she also enjoyed competing in barrel racing and other speed events. Susie worked on ranches as a wrangler, horse trainer, ranch hand, and trail guide. Much of her cowboy poetry and songs are based on her life at the Circle M Ranch in Pine Ridge, South Dakota where she rode horseback checking cattle, horse herds, wells, and fence lines. She raised orphan calves on bottles, ran gates, vaccinated calves at the brandings, and helped with the annual horse sale. Nowadays, Susie finds herself horseback in the summers, wrangling dudes on trail rides at Bear Creek Stables located in Morrison, Colorado.

Realizing Her Dreams

In 2010, Susie broke out onto the cowboy poetry and music scene where she performs her original stories and songs all over the West from Washington to Kansas and from Canada to Arizona. She has been awarded the 2016 and 2014 Western Music Association's Female Poet of the Year, the 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Cowgirl Poet, 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet, and the winner of the 2016 Western Music Association Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year for her all-original CD, Fillin' Tanks, and the 2012 Western Music Association Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year for her all-original CD, Western Wordsmith

Susie Knight & Award

Susie Knight and More Awards


Throughout her distinguished history, Susie has achieved numerous complishments. Some of her career highlights include:

2012 Western Music Assn. Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year-WESTERN WORDSMITH
2013 Academy of Western Artists Cowgirl Poet of the Year
2013 Cowboy Idol Poet
2014 Western Music Assn. Female Poet of the Year
2016 Cowboy Idol Musician - 1st Runner Up
2016 Western Music Assn. Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year - FILLIN' TANKS
2016 Western Music Assn. Female Poet of the Year
#1 on the 2016 Top 40 List of Most Heard Cowboy Poets on Western Radio Stations Worldwide!
FILLIN" TANKS -- #1 on the 2016 Top 40 List of Cowboy Poetry CDs Heard on Western Radio Stations Worldwide