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Indulge In Truly Inspirational Cowboy Poetry

Susie Knight Entertainment, based in the Denver, Colorado area, offers cowboy poetry based on real-life experiences. Susie Knight is a true storyteller providing masterful tales woven with inspiration, humor, and all things cowboy. Available for poetry readings, she takes on the persona of other characters ideal for entertainment at special events.

Cowboy Poetry & Music CDs

Susie's cowboy poetry and songs are played on radio stations throughout the world.

Susie Knight was #1 on the 2016 TOP 40 LIST OF COWBOY POETS Heard on Western Radio Stations Worldwide.

Her CD, Western Wordsmith, won the 2012 Western Music Association Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year

Her song, "The Spirit of Buffalo Bill", featured on Leather Wings, was nominated for the 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Western Song of the Year.

Fillin' Tanks  won the 2016 WMA Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year, and was #1 on the 2016 Top 40 Charts for Most-Played Cowboy Poetry CDs Played on Western Radio Stations Worldwide

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Susie Knight, PO Box 76, Conifer, CO 80433

Western Wordsmith

16 tracks total
6 original cowboy songs
11 original cowboy poems


Leather Wings

11 tracks total
50 %  cowboy songs
50% cowboy poetry


Fillin' Tanks

11 tracks total
All original cowboy poetry
Bonus Track: The Christmas Spider


Susie Playing Guitar

Excerpt From
"Darby's Stampede String"

...Then, like a white babushka, she wrapped it o'er the crown!
Fastened it beneath her chin! Secured it safely down!
'This is GREAT!' Darby thought, then rode to check the herd.
'No one sees; problem's solved! I guess I'm NOT absurd!'

As she finished with her duties, to the ranch she rode back in
Forgettin' that the bra was there, buckled 'neath her chin!
The fellas all were starin'! Stood speechless there in awe!
They feared her husband's fists if they'd mention Darby's bra!

(Featured on Fillin' Tanks)

Susie Walking Through a Field

Excerpt From
"Memories of Doris"

Almost ev'ry mornin', she'd rise before the dawn,
Mixin' up the makin's for the dough.
She'd knead the double-recipe, form it in a ball,
Then let it rise about an hour or so...

...I peaked out o' the window, 'n' there beyond the hills,
She urged her sorrel gelding 'cross the wheat.
Pursuin' all the mem'ries that whispered in her soul.
Determination blurred her horses feet!

(Featured on Leather Wings)

Susie On a Horse With American Flag

Excerpt From
"A Real Cowgirl"

...Cuz I know a lot of ladies, and they're cowgirls sure enough.
Though none of them own cattle, they're talented and tough.
Some barrel race in rodeos. Some take out trail rides.
Some help fix fence and put up hay. Some act as hunting guides...

...Some run the gate, some vaccinate. They all can bake and sew.
Though most of them don't wear a hat, they're true as cowgirls go.
So, I chuckle when remembrin' the hat that covered curls.
Bet she's still convincin' all her cows that she's a real cowgirl!

(Featured on Western Wordsmith)

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